Len Zayas English edition

Why all the problems of the world are blamed in our USA country?

 by: Len Zayas

(Maybe we think we are the only ones with the force to police the world, we are specialists in armaments. Don't we?)

It could be true that we are more bullish than the Crete's Minotaur, have more soldiers and military bases distributed in the whole planet (we are trying with the rest of the universe too) than anybody else, we distributed armaments like they were candies to our friends, and foes too when creating problems between neighboring countries is at our advantage. Also is now legendary that we try to involve everybody, in our "superior" way of thinking, our practical ways, etc. All this backed by our insurmountable amount of money, (no counting that the quantity is only dwarfed by our ever growing national debt.) We control (or try) every organization: national or international, medical, sports, geopolitical, black, white, Latina, good or bad. There are two exception.  We will refer to those later on. 

All is true, but is also true that we are people with a lot of concern for our friends, neighbors, family and the rest of humanity. We are asked to donate every hour, in the road, in TV, in newspapers, in church, in movies, in the public bathroom. More people will call that situation; epidemics. Not Americans, they give, give and give. They have opinions in everything and a solution or advise in every situation, all with good intentions. Our more repeated words are: humanity, need, democracy, freedom, human rights, love, God, Jesus, brother and the likes. 

This contrast between Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an oxymoron as big and clear that more people can not see it. Ex: Our country did not belong to the United Nations Human Rights Council, (even though, we create our own council with some "protective" clauses, so that way we can accommodate the conditions that  make us "creators" and "controllers", not taking in consideration that, the original, was created by a lady with more knowledge in her backpack that any of the following presidents, representatives in the UN and ambassadors, carry in their whole bellies; Eleanor Roosevelt) and is not considered, in the world arena, a nation that care about that and is proved by their support of criminals dictators and police states. In freedom matters, US supports more coups than the soviets did in their good times, invaded more countries (normally small and almost helpless places) with democratically elected governments, or make conditions (sometimes with unfair and criminal methods) to eliminate their chosen leaders than to help anybody to eliminate real dictators.

 Hussein, Quadaffi, Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito, were people that even though were call non-democratic, they were tolerated for a while, until our democratic system found them; non-convenient. Them, and only them,  we look for involvement (coalition) with other "defenseless" nations that feel affected by the "bad guys", attack those "bastards" (Americans colloquial)  them beat them, took over them and left a bunch of American troops to take care of them. Why? that will be a long and convoluted explanation but that yourself could get your own personal and logical conclusion, only if you get rid of your stupid Japanese video games and hit the history books. Forget about your HS history education that is; (like Trump says about politics) rigged!

 Most of the "reconstructions" was made at the expense of destroying their infrastructure and the consequent derived  chaos in order and livelihood. We retrain the people like we do with animals. Their cultural customs, religions and  livelihood get syncopated to our own, mainly into the young people, which brought (from their native places to the land of opportunities) more confusion, fear and enemies than friends. We got affected too. We brought a lot of those "former enemies" home and acquired, like Alexander did with Persia, some weird customs and foods. Changed to concoctions producing more economical advantage in their selling, so losing in quality and nutrition, and distributed to the world like: "Real American Food"

Except in the richer layers of the society than happens to be the niche, in 85% of the cases, of the exploiters, abusive and less patriotic groups of the feudal, colonials, capitalistic, religious and caliphate.- This last one is just an abused and discriminatory term version for what westerners people have a more adequate sophism: kingdom, ducat, possession, commonwealth, monarchy, appertain (by the Guano Island Act of 1856) and who knows what other new ones that can be concocted by our stepfathers in that club of world domination called The American Congress.     

  Notice that we, like a country, do not defend democracy, thing that the system make the inept soldiers believe is their duty give their life for. Instead  we provoke, attack and baptized as enemies, any country or people that do not accept, unconditionally, our control. We are, (or we try) to be democratic. The truth is: (apparently) we do not care what democracy is (or is not) in other places. To take resources, obedience, sympathy and blind faith is the only way that others countries gain our respect .... or be strongest than us, in this last  case resides our obstinate effort in developing massive amount of technologically advanced and happily shared with our formerly enemies, destructive paraphernalia. 

Little Things make big wounds.-

Like always, the good and old USA make look like a help to small (or simply underrated places) when they, USA is the one that needs help. A good example was the War against drug, a big deal for Ronald Reagan. But we are not exploring that cadaver in the closet. We are trying to understand the memory of a country (Colombia) that was the jewel of Simón Bolívar to represent his idea of freedom.  Well, when the cartel was making more money for Colombia that any other industry, at the expense of United States, Colombia shows no pride in themselves, and much less historical memory, when surrogating their judicial values and national pride to the less indicated of all places.  lz

The Banana Massacre

The Banana massacre (Spanish: Matanza de las bananeras or Masacre de las bananeras) was a massacre of workers for the United Fruit Company that occurred on December 6, 1928 in the town of Ciénaga near Santa Marta, Colombia.