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(When is not sold out!)

Know the Supreme court of USA

Is hard to think when you live in a nation, so naive, that for years people have been depositing their dreams, mostly promised in the so much refurbished Constitution, that the fallacies are been converted into laws and their only trust repose in to get a president  that will (or try) to resolve a mess that nobody understand. len zayas

Before going into a fizz of ignorance, proper of the groups of cretins imported from faraway places that made the bigger range in the political arena, better try to read, at least history, so they can imagine what most of the presidents did for our beloved country. Not taking in consideration that the terrain expanded, mostly fertilized with the blood of kinfolks no directly related to the irruption force. With the propaganda of a press composed of traitors, liars and ass kissers, founded by exploiters and traffickers in human and soldiers.  

John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, Herbert Hoover, Warren Harding and the whole old bunch, followed by the middle of the road that almost involved the whole new continent in the 2nd WW conflagration and the atomic era: Frank D. Roosevelt,  Harry Truman, D. Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson and next but not less the bad to worst with the new herd that help to distribute those atomic toys: Milhous Nixon, Gerald Ford, Reagan, the old Bush and the new Bush with a branch in between; Clinton (at least the father and son were blatantly Republicans) the era that follow were ultra right disguised as "democratic". War mongers picking in small nations and in their own small people. And the colored president? Oh my God! Incredible as he played with everything, from drones to religion. From jobs to economic. Getting rid of Republicans and Democrats look like advancement.. Independents disguise as mules of the system ? 

Maybe work, I do not know. Just in case and with the help of the non religious God, I am leaving behind the paradise, the greatest country in the world, the false promises, the ones that help everybody (lol), the better than good, the super-Christian that love the Jewish religion (incredible), the rich people that owe money to everybody, the country that hide the gold (lol), the super-networks that copy each other, the heroes that shoot thru the back, the storage of guns and everything to destroy humanity, the consumerism, the reading of a submissive propaganda, the smoke curtain of fun, the canned potion, the ugly people that model garbage and the parents that teach kids how to bless the devil. Good Bye! 

Len Zayas/ July 2018

My belief (which I have stated before) is that there is a new global economic realignment happening and the US is being left out – which is why the conditions of Americans’ lives are deteriorating so rapidly. The fact that the entire US infrastructure is computerized has left the country extremely vulnerable – which makes it extremely difficult to predict which system will collapse first – the energy or the telecommunications grid. – Dr. Stuart Bramhall

It will be a something extraordinary, beautiful, human and fair, to see some of the women in every congress of every state of the Union.- The same people that call themselves "feminists" getting to raise their voices in defense of a real, not the American political version, representation of a true and brave young women. *  But that is not a normal occurrence in the, so call, "democratic and free nation" that support and act with servility toward the most oppressive, inhuman and abusive regime of the present: Israel. 

Picture courtesy of Ahed Amimi the adolescent that challenged and slap a soldier of the invasive occupational forces of Israel and that is paying for in prison after been sentenced by a military tribunal to 8 months of jail in a military jail.

Compare to: what Tamimi received for slapping a soldier that is mistreating the population of the legal Palestine state, with that of a Israeli border guard that  was sentenced to nine months for "shooting dead" (assassinated)  an unarmed Palestinian demonstrator,  and with the case of another Israeli soldier; Elor Azaria, who received a sentence of roughly the same length as Tamimi's after he executed a wounded Palestinian militant while laying on the road. (facts taken by: youtube videos, AlJazeera, decent international press and Wikipedia.org). *That is why we cite the legislative branch of United States of America, mainly the feminist side. They admire and respect Israel ( for many reasons) ... are we following the same ideals? len zayas

 Pentagon's loot militarized football long before player protest.



Or the same people who persecuted you and abused you will repeat it.

Help the people that support you, not your newer "friends" that were part of your exploitation. Keep your mind open. 

The same Lion still in the jungle and have many cubs. 

The world need every one of us.
“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing…”


If denouncing the atrocities of the kingdom of Israel in the biblical period, and the atrocities and abuses against the legal, free and historical Palestine citizens in the present by the Israel's occupation forces is anti-Semitism, then the sustained help of fascist nations and organizations (OTAN) to Israel is discriminatory and anti-human. len zayas  

A fast reminder: Following the narrations of the sacred Jew book, aka Bible, and before the state of Israel, or even the Bible as such existed, some Semitic race was enslaved by the Babylonian empire. They were left free and from there end up slaved by Egypt. Then a young leader, of doubtful origin, took charge of them. Running, escaping or whatever, they decided to look for a place to live and start a nation. Thanks to Aaron and Moses, they got the rules of what will be the original Jew's faith. Loosely based in the teaching of the Iranian prophet Zarathustra, which was taken (probably) from the fights in the Mazdayasna  religion  between the different deities that when finish those skirmish, the victorious deity will take, like a  prize, the title of: "Superior (or Supreme) Being". 

Mazdayasna  is the base of many of the symbolism, practice and beliefs of more mayor religions. Including Judaism. But  this last one not necessarily been the original religious version, like some Jew and many Christians proclaim, since Mazdayasna (or like will be known later:  Zoroastrianism) was the origin of the monotheism that became, mostly accepted in the middle east after Jesus,  and 600 hundred years later after Muhammad, world wide.  

Before this process and following the Bible, Moses and his people invade Canaan, that was a completely occupied territory by the Canaanites and their neighbors the Philistines in what is today Gaza.  All this territory was named by the Romans as Palestine that happens to be a variant of the name Philistine in Latin. Is you follow the Bible you will find two curiosities about the character of the Jewish God. First He give away land that already have people in it and second the Divine purpose will have to be accomplished by, mainly innocent, blood. Is not enough that in the Pentateuch,  God have to ask Cain about his brother Abel, Moses went around and around like a lost soul to find what was just straight ahead, go to talk to his God (Elohim, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai  or whatever) come back with lapidaries and the tenth commandments to find his people having fun with and adoring a calf, and then to be punished (maybe not since did not fight with the invaded people) to be with the hand in the air for hours.

Well maybe all that explain why Christopher Columbus took the "More beautiful land that human eyes ever saw" in the name of God, and the Queen and King of Spain. Without a little bit of embarrassing.  Why the English descendants kick the Native Americans out of their tents, the Australians, the Portuguese, the French, the Italians, and will be hours before I can finish to repeat all the depravation of f**# colonizers that God give it Carte Blanch to appropriated of whatever they think will be easy to take.

But this freaking Zionists they really kick the ass of the ass. They did comeback hundredth of years after hundred of years after hundred of years trying to get something that not only never belong to them, but that taking in a remote possibility that "their" exclusive "Super Being" give to them, looks  like the "Supreme" changed his "Superior" song. I mean mind.

If the Jew really, really need a place to stay, one interior voice (coming from some celestial place) told me to give in their celestial name, a piece of land to every circumcised guy with family in the State of Utah, (since most of the Mormon people are already in California) until  half of the state of Utah be populated. The voice also told me that retired Jewish in Miami do not need to apply.

My voice is more intelligent that whatever is creating conflicts with China, Iran, Nicaragua, Venezuela and, mainly Russia. That voice from far away also told me, that all those followers of the obsolete and senile Europe (specially imitators in the New World) are call to be consumed by the same brain tumor that already devour other enemies of humanity.

Len Zayas

                                                             Len is graduate from the UNESCO in History of the Middle East

Palestinians, Open your eyes! Hamas is a Fifth column of  USA and Israel in Palestine.

Do not follow their lid. Get a brave leader and follow him/her like  soldiers not

like sheeps. Hamas, the Arabs, Israel and US are bleeding you!

Joseph Goebbels must be haranguin the IDF troops!

Just looking at whatever place our "heroes" have been for intervention, will explain how wrong our foreign policy is. In every place that demo_crazy shows to "help", the freedom disappear, democracy changes to consumerism, power and abuse of minority over people take precedent over decency and good manners, and economic disaster shows with the ubiquitous loan from the depleted (how much is their debt?) reserves in the "more powerful system". For sure in armaments and ammunitions we have enough to kill every living thing in the face of the earth. Our leaders are so full of foreign materials in their brains that they keep the hope to move to another planet. Well, fortunately most thinkers are not members of the Congress. Is time to leave the bottle, the grass, the paraphernalia and go back to school. Len Zayas

Talking about doctors

What the heck is the Treasury Department doing when they consider most religious hospitals, and others ; " non-profit "? they charge, overcharge, pay employees and take tax advantages like everybody else. 

Like always the American people get stuffed with legalistic and verbiage full of  non-sense, normally approved by a Congress that their only interest is non-interest in the people that pay their salary... and a lot in the people that pay their propaganda, elections, vacations and brain washing. 

(bull defecation 101 for naives:-)

Exhibit 1     Exhibit 2   Exhibit 3  Exhibit 4   

One big fallacy in USA, soldiers do not fight defending their country (only when attacked) they fight against what the government at the time call "the enemy". Just stop brainwashing our young kids. We are becoming worst than the Romans, Attila the Hunt, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and all those people put together. And they did not have the help of TV! 

 Len Zayas

Grand Jury


This Guy Thinks CEOs Should Control the Internet   August 4, 2017

How Newsrooms Help Destroy Black Lives   July 19, 2017

Courtesy of www.freepress.net


Wave that flag of hypocrisy. "Sing that anthem of slavery and boast about our military’s might, but there are those of us who will look on and think how foolish you are in your willful blindness because we know the truth of what this nation really stands for." SCourtland

Shelby Courtland 

In case most of the press, like always, have their stupid faces buried in the putrid sands of Israel. We should be reminding, to those that always write, scream and complain, about the super free, super just, super nice, super rich, super strong, super fair, and so much super that start looking like a TV soup opera, "The Great American nation in movies and TV",  instead of a super power, if there are any left, onset to look like a buffoonery.  There are some Jewish people that, no matter how much money be thrown at them, like an actual "Mad Men" enterprise, they keep the eyes open to reality. Darryl McNeely post in 2010 a very interesting religious article about what now, we do not have to repeat, not even quote, like good and modern journalism (think that our nation have been shortchanged with, and at risk that the powerful Information and Orientation Zionist cartel destroy both in cyber space; their article and my whole page.*) Whatever, you can read, luckily, in  "Today" in and about the article from Niall Ferguson, the Harvard Historian, in "Foreign Affairs" magazine; "The Decline and Fall of Nations" with plenty of quotations from the good and not as good book.

Going back to apparently, as  "Great"  a nation as Babylonia, Roma, Spain, Great Britain, Soviet Union, Austria-Hungary, China, and many more with enough philosophical approach to make the invasions, stealing, abuse, etc., committed during the facts to look like a form of civilize, modernize and educate act instead of the real intention, as already mentioned and the egregious, few times referred as such in historical matters, (guess why) democide, genocide and mass murder.   Since making a study of what Mr. Leopold Van Ranke will call "Great Power" will take me so much time that probably I, like many others, will forget what the heck, we are writing about. I decide by information to the neophyte over ("instead" for the academic) my display of sapience. Thanks to that journalistic attitude, I have not my room covered up with  already forgotten PhDs. 

*You think that never happens? I am becoming expert at that kind of ghosts attacks and that thing is strange only, so far, to the kids in Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all that myriads of innocents spies that people without experience in life, like to have in their more intimate thoughts. 

Malcolm X, How We Need You!

Poem by  Shelby I. Courtland



Phrases that all the big politicians use in the name of demo-crazy defense.- Ex.-UNACCEPTABLE. Like unacceptable are so-called the (alleged) attack of the Syrian government in their own people, in their own country and for their own survival. But is acceptable that a foreign government, based only in their power, when had been manifest the use and misuse of their armaments, (including being the only nation in the world that have used nuclear ammunition, if that is not the worst use of destruction capabilities against human beings, then I don't know what the hell this chair breakers in the Security Council call "unacceptable"). Surely that now they (the Big Wigs that made the rules after the WWII, also known, based in the experience of "peace", colonialism and so forth, Big Idiots!) will say that: "accordingly to the present conditions", sweeten the pill for the lazy brains that get paid for wasting time with stupidities and kissing the ass of the stronger imperialistic, colonizers, war mongers criminals. 

That is what is supposed to be UNACCEPTABLE! (listen well sweet potato with ties and hens with Versace copies).-

 UNACCEPTABLE is going around the globe trying to steal the riches out of the poorest, making slaves out of human, forcing stupid flags in other people territories, killing innocents children while pretending to look for their future.

UNACCEPTABLE is to kill persons because belong to different races, culture, gender or religion, pretending to predicate peace while building guns, to graze by the whole world like turkeys, pretending to have a history when hardly the same soldiers can keep up with a last name. 

UNACCEPTABLE is to translate conqueror as explorer, to call a government representative when that same people do not understand what is going on. To call themselves "superior" when the fact shows that  historically, those are countries that stole every thing useful from the conquered nations, like  science, education, even history and mainly people extruded from their humble but loved environment.  Seduced by a false sense of liberty, equality and fraternity. Those people do never sit to consider that it was a (bad) copy of the French revolution, the same fairy tale used to commit the multiple crimes to take one out and other to do the same. Never explain in the arranged "history" how the people that did that revolution later conduct to the retrograde Napoleonic empire. Supposed to be an example for the New Continent the good all Europeans, fill with plagues and inequality, was preparing the native Americans to disappear in benefit of the decadent European elite . With all the thugs, thieves and homeless that were typical inhabitant of the Bastille. All the European invasion was not enough to make most of the original settlers disappear. The time in the sea united to the white man libido took care of making a mess. Many disappear, Guatabeyes, Tainos, Siboneyes, pure Aztecs, Incas and many, many more. The Caribbeans were the more devastated.

UNACCEPTABLE is the tyrannical attitude of the conquerors, establishing their own weaknesses, vices and supremacy. They make every city in the continent their own. Installing a kind of misgovernments. They establish what even today is a matter of fact: discrimination, nepotism and corruption. The administration have no interest in the population. They flooded the authorities with foreigners trying to destroy, the natives were there to be exploited, abused and to fill with their sweat  the empty arcades and the brains of the insatiable monsters that still devouring the human race.

UNACCEPTABLE is that every European nation  is a sample of all this. They, after centuries of exploitation and obliteration, still taken whatever is left. That is forcing that beast, to look at the neighbors. Envious of the new continent they sow a cancer in the Americas, their bastard. White people educated in the life and customs of every sanguinary criminal in history, spilled in our faces like heroes, from Alexander till the Vikings, every bully in the world have their time and glory (if any) in every library.  The good ones, just disappear in the cloud of oblivion. buried in a sea of armaments, stupid words invented to disassociating the human from the robot. Taking the art like the shoes of technology. 

UNACCEPTABLE is to present those genocidal elements like carriers of civilization, like if Europe  have ever the decency of been civilized. The Romans? Are you people kidding me? They did the same with Africa, Middle East and the only exception been China. China was ready to be conquered by missioners, supported by canons of the American navy. God been served and protected by the force of man. A very old Jewish tradition of presenting the creator at the image and similarity of the men that God need for protection. And course, Allah is not far away from that. China is one of the few nations that have been escaping from that malaria. Hope that they can be a good example. But Europe never learn.

UNACCEPTABLE was to bomb unnecessarily Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to destroy part of the subsoil of Nevada, to experiment and play (like kids) in New Mexico with all the elements without the due care, in a rush to arrive first against another (historical figure) like Hitler. 

UNACCEPTABLE is that the representative and main arm to distribute and impose that disease is now the NATO. Traitors to their origins and  culture, like Saudi Arabia killing Arabs, helping Israel, they are invaded by the same disease like more of the rest. The dummies think that money will equal then with the genocidal Europeans and their descendants in USA.  All the decorative (and hungry) puppies of Stalin in the former USSR are now claiming their part in the consortium of demo-crazy nations. The beast keep growing, forever, until an implosion take care of that and their little surviving pieces reunite and back to show the universe, maybe in other planet, how tough they are in their own misery.

UNACCEPTABLE was to bomb unnecessarily Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to destroy part of the subsoil of Nevada, to experiment and play (like kids) in New Mexico with all the elements without the due care, in a rush to arrive first against another (historical figure) like Hitler. 

Len Zayas

The UN Charter reads in article 2(4):

“All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.” (where it says United States of America is excluded?)

Off the coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. Fifth Fleet has been greatly expanded without much attention from the mainstream media. Thousands of U.S. soldiers are staffing U.S. aircraft carriers, destroyers and nuclear-armed attack submarines. LiberationNews

“Homeland Defense” and the Militarisation of America

Israel’s Public Relations and Propaganda War Machine...

Imperial Conquest: America’s “Long War” against Humanity

US accused of promoting Venezuela Intervention at UN

                       Ros-Lehtinen and Menendez have consistently advocated for US intervention 

The Decrepit Imperialism vs Democracy

Israeli forces assault Palestinian farmers in East Jerusalem

Three Palestinian dead in Jerusalem clashes ...

How Trump and Netanyahu pushed Palestinians to a corner

Top Ten Reasons to Oppose U.S. aid to Israel

With friends like Israel who needs enemy (preferably from a CIA declassified documents) Unfortunately in this case, a CIA Intelligence Memorandum dated 21 Jun 1967 remains classified.

The following is a not an altered or edited copy of a much longer Wikipedia article about the weird "Six Day Work" of the "poor Israeli army" against all the armies in the Arab world and that, against all logic, Israel easily won in just six days. The attack against the SS Liberty become, an American baptized "mistake".  In reality a disaster that cost the lives of 34 American navy people and that the NSA hurry to make clear it was "an innocent mistake". Compare that to the wars declared to several nations under a clear appearance of mistake or warning.* 

* The editor of this column considers it was an apparent cover-up of the Israeli actions destined to cover-up the pretended NSA intention of been involved in the conflict because Arabs aggression, like history proved in more similar circumstances. This action  backfire due to the Israeli Air Force ignorance relating the clumsy maneuvers of the American Navy during intelligence gathering to facilitate (apparent) involvement from the Arabs side.  Sneaky but clumsy like the ridiculous attack from North Vietnam, the Maine explosion, Iraq AMD and many others. See Gunboat Diplomacy.


USS Liberty incident

On June 8, 1967, USS Liberty, a United States Navy electronic intelligence vessel sailing 13 nautical miles (24 km) off Arish (just outside Egypt's territorial waters), was attacked by Israeli jets and torpedo boats, nearly sinking the ship, killing 34 sailors and wounding 171. Israel said the attack was a case of mistaken identity, and that the ship had been misidentified as the Egyptian vessel El Quseir. Israel apologized for the mistake, and paid compensation to the victims or their families, and to the United States for damage to the ship. After an investigation, the U.S. accepted the explanation that the incident was friendly fire and the issue was closed by the exchange of diplomatic notes in 1987. Others however, including the then United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Chief of Naval Operations at the time, Admiral Thomas Moorer, some survivors of the attack and intelligence officials familiar with transcripts of intercepted signals on the day, have rejected these conclusions as unsatisfactory and maintain that the attack was made in the knowledge that the ship was American.[149][150][151]


Arch-07-2017    Arch-09-2017

Past and present of American's

Videos not well accepted by die amerikanischen und deutschen semitischen Apparat (sue me)


If you have problem in Youtube because censored materials (no pornographic or bad wording, like TV, they do not care too much about that) just change the browser or reset the tools. Most browsers are controlled by Israelite-Jews or ultra-rights individuals. They never are honest and their opinion forced in the reader by making the pages hard to get or looking goofy.

EX:The world need every one of us.

To stop the group that's trying to convert the human race in clowns, slaves and ignorant dummies.

Boycott the following business that do not care what the rights of humans are. If the United Nations, in their cowardly and servile limitations to the powers of evil, do not do the right thing, We, like Americans and people that love freedom more than materials stuff, should take the initiative hitting the industries that hurt our fellows human beings in every corner of the world. lz


For Explanations Click Here

Victoria Secret, Hewlett Packard 

Soda Stream (and Scarlett Johansson),

  Estee Lauder (including Clinique, MAC, and Aveda),

  Sabras Hummus, Motorola, Sara Lee,

L'Oreal, McDonald, Caterpillar *

Click here for details in Caterpillar, the other ones just click in top

Over rated, brain washing adds like the aforementioned multi-nationals,  keep our Congress/Government depending, not only for the money devoured by our infantile and Hollywood-style foreign policies, and our superiority complex,  but also tied to the bestiality that corrupts the whole world, also destroying, like the invasion/colonization of the Palestine nation, the concept of freedom, respect, and love toward our neighbors. The imperial fantasy of world domination thru the economical dependency, semi-slavery use of manual labor and the habit of stupid acquisitions, have send humanity back for a couple of centuries.  Our laws and governmental decisions are being impregnating, without our robotic and inconsistent representatives lifting a finger, the traditional Christian way of living. What is worst, we are all but inundated with the debauchery, materialism, aggressiveness and masochism/sadism ancestral (with very few exceptions) in the Jew race/religion. The paper printed without real value or backup, the arms trade, the insatiable colonization, the economical fallacies and the lack of prestige and decorum in our international relations, have finished with the ambition of being an example to a world  in crisis. We are the crisis!

Why Snowden is a Real Heroe, not what the powerful are pushing between our ears. 

Snowden, Surveillance, Cybersecurity and Race

 Videos:America is poorest that you think., The Jewish that came to America like servants and end as lords and owners., 

Recommended Videos.-  Oliver Stone: The untold history of the United States,  Naomi Klein: The Shock Theory,    William Blum : CIA murder and torture of Hundreds of thousands of people,   Noam Chomsky: Who does control the world?  Gore Vidal: Why Do They Hate Us?


Len Zayas Commentaries: 

 Why all the problems of the world are blamed in USA?

 The Second Debate and what it represent to the World (First)

 Another wasted space for a library in place of schools.

The Second Debate and what it represent to the World (Final)

Authors, directors, journalists who love freedom.-

 William Blum, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal


The Wasp: Things and People that are Blown out.....

Un-doping history with USA as main protagonist. 

If Americans Knew

Genocide worries in 2017 but not 1994    

The history is not for the average American, otherwise the world could be a better place. 100 Syrian kill  is a terrible thing, so is 1 baby. Our people is always watching garbage, losing track of reality. If the death are clear skin, we risk anything for revenge, Blacks? is other thing. 800,000 blacks death in 1994, everybody fault, mainly our slave known as UN and our boss Israel.

If History is to be Creative

  Israel imposes general closure on West Bank ahead of Jewish holiday

From Human Rights Watch about the Rwanda Genocide  About three months before the genocide started, UN Peacekeepers caught a French plane making a secret landing at night. The plane was making a delivery to the Hutu extremists, full of weapons and mortars that would soon be put to use in the genocide.

The red menace just never gets old. Apocalypse in Venezuela

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua: Hostile Media Coverage and Economic Sabotage Member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas are natural targets for the relentless psychological warfare of Western news media, because they form a resistance front to the foreign policy imperatives of the United States government and its allies

Militarization And Police Violence in America Hardly a day goes by without news of a police killing.  And each time we hear from scholars and observers that the police is too militarized.   No doubt!

Regime Change in the U.S.: Proposal from a Concerned Citizen   (A look at where we came from to know Why we are lost. lz) As we recall, the justification to wage war on Iraq was the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction (WMD). At the time, the US and its indefectible British ally were calling for regime change in Iraq. 

 The American Democracy is only for U.S.A. not even for Israel

For all those Evangelicals that think of Israel as the people of God. Be known that religion

have not relation to the actual Jews. Listen to this and learn.-

"Marching to Zion" Press camera for be seen in tablets and phones

Helping Cuba

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   "The freedom of expression is just a fallacy while  dissemination and control be on the hands of fascists" 

Len Zayas



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